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Project files

 DNRC - Clark Fork Task Force Reports - 2015

- Water Right Availability and Mitigation Options in the Clark Fork Basin

- Information for Enhancing Instream Flow to Benefit Salmonids in the Upper Clark Fork

- Drought Planning & Enhanced Conservation in the Clark Fork Basin

 Ruby Valley Conservation District Groundwater Management Plan

- Ruby Groundwater/surface water interaction Modeling Project Report - Prepared for RVCD 2008.


Publications and research

 Strategies for Accelerating Cleanup at Toxic Waste Sites. Scott M. Payne. 1997. Lewis Publishers - CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida.

 Ecohydrologic Process Modeling of Mountain Block Groundwater Recharge. Magruder, I.A., Woessner, W.W., and Running, S.W. 2009. Ground Water, Volume 47 Issue 6.


~ Classification of Aquifers

 Classification of Aquifers. Scott M. Payne. 2010. PhD Dissertation, University of Montana.

- Classification of Aquifers dissertation

- Aquifer Classification Codes and Descriptions Online Supplemental Summary Tables from Classification of Aquifers. (Excerpt from Payne 2010 Classification of Aquifers.)

 An Aquifer Classification System and Geographic Information System-Based Analysis Tool for Watershed Managers in the Western U.S. Scott M. Payne and William W. Woessner. 2010. Journal of the America Water Resources Association, Volume 46, No. 5.

- AWRA article

 Improving Water Resource Planning and Development Using an Aquifer Classification System and GIS Mapping Methodology. Scott M. Payne, William W. Woessner, and Ian A. Magruder

- GIS files for aquifer classification of Upper Truckee, Paradise Valley, and Lower Boulder-Longmont.

- Plates C1, C2, C3. Aquifer Classification of the Upper Truckee River and Trout Creek Watersheds South Lake Tahoe, California; Paradise Valley, Nevada; Boulder-Longmont Area, Colorado.

 Application of a Groundwater Classification System and GIS Mapping System for the Lower Ruby Valley Watershed, Southwest Montana. Scott M. Payne, Ian A. Magruder, and William W. Woessner. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, Vol 5, No. 8.

- JWARP article

- GIS files for aquifer classification of the Lower Ruby Valley, Montana.

- Plates B1 and B2 Aquifer Classification of the Lower Ruby Valley, Montana.

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